A versatile filmmaker that tackles music videos, documentaries, and commercial work, Aldo Agaatsz is a self-taught director. Rooted in his partly Indonesian upbringing and a Social Work degree, his films spotlight social issues. Aldo is the owner and creative director of film production company Peper Film. He excels in camera placement, storytelling, and crafting lovable characters, capturing life’s profound moments. Since 2019, Aldo is being represented by creative agency sQuare Amsterdam.

Worked for
Basic Fit • CBRE • Concertgebouw • DAKA Sport • Daily Paper • Eneco • FOAM • Fresh ’N Rebel • Gemeente Amsterdam • Internationaal Theater Amsterdam ITA • KNVB • Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen • KPN • Lois Jeans • Lowlands Festival • Men’s Health • Mojo • Nederland Schoon • Oerol Festival • Porsche • Rituals • Stedelijk Museum • Ziggo Dome
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