Music Video – A Place To Stay
Artist Shamis
Campaign – Kemkes
Short Film – Masculinity
A 3 minute Fashion Short film for Biko 020, written & directed.
Music Video – Good Loving
Artist Vasto RDL

Direction & Cinematography.
Campaign – Young Peacebuilders
Client 125Procent
Music Video – Problem
Artist Vasto RDL

Short Film – Elements
A 16 minute short film written & directed.
Music Video – Abena
Artist Codeine
Mini doc. – Victory
About Victor Adun, an upcoming Afrobeats artist living in Amsterdam.
Direction & Cinematography.
Campaign – A Big Heart
Client CBRE and the Amsterdamse Poort.
Short Film – Horizon
A 4 minute story about two estranged lovers.
Composed by Joep van Rhijn