My studio is based in Amsterdam, from where I develop films from start to finish or work alongside other creatives on their projects. I focus on 3 essential parts of film making: direction, camera and editing, simply because I cannot choose which discipline I like the most (and because I am convinced that working multidisciplinary benefits the quality of my work).

When I work on a project, my biggest goal is to make a story that is highly visual and auditory, with a cinematic approach. Sometimes I work alone – sometimes I’m part of a larger crew. 

I have a wide range of interests, from our personal perspectives through which we see the world around us, to the nature and how we are related to it. Through the lens of my camera I look for things that fascinate me, such as colours, lights, people, places and spaces. I love visual and substantive contrasts and always look for something that feels personal. Something that makes it interesting for a target audience. 

I mainly work as a freelancer on independent films, documentaries and commissioned projects.

Feel free to contact me. Happy filmmaking!